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Geohazard Risk Assessments

Energy product infrastructure often intersects challenging landscapes, increasing risk of geohazard threats and negatively impacting integrity. REA's team of geomorphologists and geologists use innovative, predictive, GIS-based models to assist you in identifying, mitigating, and managing these risks through services tailored to meet regulatory requirements and your organization's unique risk profile.


REA's risk programs are built to guide organizations in minimizing risk and maximizing the financial returns of proactive geohazards management. We can assist with due diligence, pre-construction planning and routing, and integrity management programs.​

  • Landslides

  • Seismic

  • Subsidence

  • Karst Topography

  • Freeze/Thaw

  • Erosion/Scour/Wash

  • Groundwater Seeps

  • Soil Piping

  • Corrosive Soils

  • Active Mining

Regulatory Compiance

Regulatory Compliance

The energy industry is entering a complex transition period. The traditional methods of delivering reliable, safe energy are changing quickly, from the adoption of renewable energies like renewable natural gas to the burgeoning hydrogen market. This transition period presents challenges to utilities, midstream companies, and end consumers of energy alike.


Coupled with these changes, the regulatory environment for energy companies is increasingly stringent. The federal regulatory agency tasked with overseeing interstate pipelines, the Pipeline Hazardous Safety Materials Administration (PHMSA), has an ever-changing regulatory docket.


REA's Regulatory Compliance experts stay current on the regulatory changes happening in our industry so we are prepared to assist your in-house regulatory professionals, or complete your regulatory compliance needs for you. 

  • Program Manual Development & Review

    • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)​

    • Operator Qualifications (OQ)

    • Public Awareness (PA)

    • Control Room Management (CRM)

    • Integrity Management Program (IMP)

    • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

  • PHMSA Communications

  • Class Location Studies

  • High & Moderate Consequence Area (HCA & MCA) Studies

  • Gas Gathering Assessments

  • PHMSA Audit Assistance

  • Compliance Training

  • TVC Records Gap Analysis

  • New Regulatory Guidance 

Pipeline Integrity Management

Pipeline Integrity Management

REA's integrity management services include program development, risk analysis, corrosion evaluation, and damage prevention. Paired with our extensive regulatory compliance experience, our team will help your organization establish or maintain IMP compliance. 


REA's innovative strategies for IMP compliance are tailored for each client, allowing us to solve your organization's specific challenges, on schedule and budget, every time.

  • Damage Prevention

  • Integrity Management Oversight

  • Risk Analysis Process & Model Development

  • Integrity Assessment Planning

  • Corrosion Program Review

  • Geohazards Assessments

  • Transmission Integrity Management Program (TIMP)

  • Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP)

Renewable Energy

Net Impact Model (NIM) is a GIS-based tool which analyzes the feasibility of renewable energy production for solar, wind, hydrogen, geothermal, and renewable natural gas. Feasibility is driven by optimization -- strategically placing energy infrastructure in optimal locations where renewable technology takes advantage of the surrounding environment and available resources, while analyzing the financial feasibility of each energy. 

NIM is an iterative analysis and assists organizations to identify and build renewable energy portfolios. Throughout the process , REA can guide clients through selecting and constructing individual projects and procurement roadmaps, take targeted products and projects through competitive solicitations, and ensure alignment of all key stakeholders involved throughout the engagement.

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Hydrogen

  • Mid-High Grade Geothermal

  • Renewable Natural Gas

    • Landfill​

    • Dairy & Bovine

    • Agricultural

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